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We got a chance to design a factory elevation for a reputed company Tin Tech dealing in the manufacturing of electronic products. We have designed this masterpiece- “Progressive Silhouettes” for them.

The concept behind the design was to make it unique and innovative. The modern architecture style is followed up in the design. We have planned to incorporate geometric patterns in the design. As the sun moves from its position the movement of shadows is also seen.


The challenge of designing the factory elevation were few. The first challenge was to make it a beautiful space that reflects every aspect of the manufacturing company. Another challenge was to incorporate the geometrical pattern in the design. The arrangement of cuboidal boxes that could support the entry of natural light was a bit challenging.

Other challenges were related to the MEP of the building that should be resolved at the construction site.

Design Process

The factory is for manufacturing electronic products, so the interior and exterior have been designed according to the manufacturing requirements. To highlight the name of the factory a broad standing pillar is constructed that includes the brand name. The entrance of the factory is very simple and covers the main gate entry only. If one sees the building it seems to be triangular in shape but the fact is factory is cuboidal shape. The angles at the sides are projected out very clearly and amazingly.

The factory has three floors and a basement covering the different manufacturing units. The portion of the ground floor has space for parking vehicles and the other floor covers the manufacturing area. The whole building has extruded cuboidal structures juxtaposed with the walls. These cuboidal structures are arranged in a line that follows up the repetitive rhythm from one end to the other end. These cuboid blocks support the window frames and large glass windows are designed that allow the entry of maximum source of natural light. This aids in increasing the visibility factor and transparency inside the area.

The simple light color theme is followed up at the exterior of the factory that shines in the daylight. The exciting part of this is the open roof system- It appears as a floating roof from a far view. The roof is supported by the standing pillars and provides shade to the building.

The Top Architectural Firms in Delhi have done a fabulous job as the client has only asked to design the best version of architecture work. This is a true example of bringing out reality in the virtual form.




We were given the opportunity to make an open lawn banquet near Manesar comprising 2 acres of land. There were twin goals that we were dealing with – one, designing an open lawn against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape, and two, to catch the attention of people nearby in terms of the aesthetic appearance from outside. The main purpose of this project was to keep the open lawn as natural as possible along with the integration of the architectural aesthetics that the client wished to have and that were supposed to be positioned in the lawn area.


The challenge was to create a banquet in the center of the village from where the settlements were more than a km far away. Another important challenge to be taken care of by top Interior Designers in Gurgaon was to choose an approach that will be used to construct the banquet. The area had loose soil and was 2ft below the road level. We all had to designate a plan that would resolve these challenges and give us the open banquet exterior that our client wished to have.


The whole behind this banquet exterior designing process was to blend the old with new where the old architectural elements will be clubbed with the contemporary decor. We planned and designed the entire garden keeping in mind the modern usage of the space in Indian weddings or any functions. While we had planned to design to insert some architectural elements, we were equally concerned that in no situation space should be compromised. In functions, it is the space that caters to a large number of people. Our role was to augment the looks of the open lawn banquet exterior with the architectural structures that made the whole lawn look visually appealing.

The idea was to create a haveli Interior Design theme for the banquet. The visitor entering the garden should get the feel of a resort and not of any other wedding garden. The idea was to provide an open space for functions with a stage, secondary stage, food counters, and fountains just like one see at a haveli. The use of exposed bricks and stone enhanced the design concept of a haveli in the village. Spatial planning was the main concern of the project as it would dictate the movement, behavior, privacy, and functions of an open garden.


On the entrance, cinquefoil arches were used on the sides with a clear walkway leading towards the amphitheater providing a clear path for the visitor to go in the amphitheater or towards the main stage. The pavers were used in a way that guided the visitors as to which direction to go through. The use of arches all around the garden with exposed bricks gave a very earthy look. The main source of lights was huge vintage-style street lamps and some spotlights to enhance the elegance of the place.

In the center of the garden, Interior Designers in Gurgaon planned a multipurpose amphitheater which could be used as ‘Bedi’ for Indian weddings, a secondary stage, a special seating where we allotted different spaces for a particular function.

The main stage area was planned on one side of the garden which is connected to the bride’s room by a walkway that becomes the focal point of the bride’s entrance. The stage faced towards an installation that acted as a fountain and on the side was an L-shaped bar. The installation would be made up of an abstraction of huge blocks providing informal seating by the fountain.

The bar area was designed to have minimalist frames on the stone counter. We covered some of the areas with a shed to create an area where food would be served.

The toilets were planned at the beginning near the drop-off facing a garden to provide a welcoming and fresh look. The drop-off was designed with a fountain in the center which acted as a welcoming feature for the guests.

Hence, with this contemporary approach, we designed the open lawn banquet exterior near Manesar where we catered to both the requirements of Indian functions as well as integrating some modern architectural elements to give it a refreshing fusion look.

We also undertake banquet interior designing and architecture projects where we work with a certain design modality in mind for the banquet space.

Apart from the banquet interior and exterior designing, ACad Studio provides a complete range of architectural and interior design services from inception to completion or a partial service which could be availed in any and every kind of service we impart such as architectural work, construction process, and design.



“The Linear House” is our new residential project that is different from our other projects. The client wanted a contemporary style and a beautiful landscape on the front side of the house. The team came up with an idea to use Linear forms of architecture. The two-story house is designed for a single-family. We have made our best efforts to highlight the client’s lifestyle by the means of design.

The exterior of the house looks lavish and grand. The linear house has stacked floors arranged vertically. The first floor includes a large living room, dining area, kitchen, and bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The walls and the door of the house are both made up of glass. These large glass walls allow the maximum amount of natural light. To enhance the building exterior at night the spotlights are used as the light fixtures.

The front area has a beautiful landscape that covers the greenery around. The client wanted a swimming pool for their kids. Our team has designed a swimming pool at the forepart of the home. The space on the second floor has an extruded block with a flat terrace on top. The right portion of it has a room with a beautiful balcony having a glass boundary. The left portion has a terrace that has a green plant all around. The backyard of the house has attractive scenery.

The bizarre design concept came into existence because of the hard work of Top Architecture Company in Gurgaon.




Our team was very excited when we got the opportunity to design a unique shaped house. This house is designed for a nuclear family- spouses and their kids. The purpose of designing this home is to visit here during vacation or weekends to chill. The client wanted a beautiful landscape and to incorporate modern elements into the house. So, the team of architects and designers decided to create a curved shape house that entitles the use of modern architecture elements.

The house is constructed at a double height which embraces its shape. The elevation enhances the outlook of the house and marks the place as a center of attraction. The white color theme is followed up in the exterior look. The exterior of the dwell has been outlined by the curved lines covering the shape. The right front portion covers the large glass window with vertical columns embedded into it. The entrance of the house has a cantilever supported by a curved shape pillar. The forepart has parking for the vehicles that can be shaded under the cantilever. The ceiling portion of the cantilever has a PVC of wooden texture. The exterior portion has a beautiful green landscape with a concrete pathway for moving vehicles and people. Moving towards the terrace; it is flat with no boundary.

The List Of Architects in Gurgaon has presented a bizarre concept that reflects the personality of the client.




The concept of our new residential “Arched Frame” is inspired by the arches used in the classical architecture style and a glimpse of modern architecture is also highlighted.

The arch frame is given to the entire exterior portion of the house and the grey color boundary is given to the building. The frame acts as a protective shield to the building and maintains the privacy of the occupant while standing or sitting on the balcony. The house with unique designs always comes as a center of attraction and popular among the neighborhood. To add an extra element to the house, a box of dark grey color on the 2nd floor is designed.

The house has complex detailing as designing an arch frame needs proper scale and balance. The design of the arch varies from small to big arches in the frame which look amazing when one looks at that. The glass frame at the balcony looks as if the arch frame is passing through it. The glass in the balcony act as a support system just the way railings used to.

The entrance of the building is very simple and has arches too that complete the entire building look. The Architecture Firms in Gurgaon have done amazing work and their concept of designing the house that has a glimpse of classical architecture style let the old concepts live in the modern era.




The houses which stand unique and highlight among the neighbour are the perfect design which one family needs. The design shares the distribution of the elements of design. The house shares the simple builder-floor architecture type.

The ground floor has parking for vehicles and the 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 4th-floor shares normal BHK style. The exterior design of the house is eye-pleasing and depicts the prominent features of modern architecture. The entrance of the house is simple and has 3 gateways for entry and exit from the house. The 1st floor and 3rd floor is highlighted by the extruded balcony boxes that are arranged in an alternate symmetry. It appears as 2nd floor and 4th-floor balcony is mounted on the cuboid box of the 2nd and 3rd floor. The province of entering from each room to the balcony is done specifically. This concept was introduced to maintain the privacy of the residents. The large sliding glass windows are placed on each floor. Instead of using railings or mesh for the frame of the balcony architects in Gurgaon has approached glass framework. To add more grace to the building wooden texture is provided in the inner lining of the extruded balconies and the boundary of it is painted with grey. The walls of the exterior followed the horizontal lines bypassing the windows.

“The Alternate Rhythm” is the perfect illustration for following symmetry in the design.

WHITE BOX - Residential



The concept behind the new residential project is to make a simple builder floor that appears as a house. The floors are assembled one above the other sharing equivalent ratios from all the sides.

The house has 5 floors including the ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and 4th floor. The ground floor is meant for parking vehicles and the other floors serve as a BHK floor.  The building stands unique because of the designer’s creative mind. Each floor balcony has a white extruded box followed by a zig-zag pattern.

The wooden texture is given on the walls of the balcony beside windows that compliment the overall color theme of the building. The southern side of a house has a shaft to maximize the entry of natural light. The large sliding glass windows are designed for entering the balcony. The simple straight lines are followed up in the exterior of the building and even the designer has shown amazing work of color hues and texture. The multinational Architecture firms in Gurgaon have given the modern touch to the balconies and terrace. The railings are aligned at the front portion of the terrace and balconies have a glass framework with vivid boundary on top. The lights play a crucial role in adding life to space- the spotlights are fitted at the ceiling of each balcony and even on the protruding platform above the ground floor. Giving zig-zag patterns to the balcony designs was a complicating challenge.

The builder- floor has eye-catching features.




The new residential project which is located in Gurgaon showcase the modern architecture style. The design is simple but the detailing done in the designing process is complex. The typical builder floor is designed where one floor is stacked above the other floor. The building has 5 floors. The ground floor is designed for parking vehicles and the rest other floors serve as a 2 BHK.

The exterior of the building is a treat to one’s eyes. The bold material is used to highlight the vivid boundary of the building. The Best architecture firm in Gurgaon love to play with geometrical patterns so the cuboidal box is introduced on the left side of the 1st and 2nd floor. The alternate rhythm is followed in the design of the mesh. The red color mesh is contrasted with the wooden texture and grey boundary of the house building. The ceiling of the balcony has a spotlight that looks pleasant during the nighttime. The glass is used as fencing in the balcony of each floor. The large glass windows are designed for penetrating the maximum natural light. The design of the house is very pleasing and the decor element added by the designer in the house is contrasted mesh, hanging plants, wooden plant boxes, and the beautifully designed straight line chairs in the balcony. The right portion of the house at each balcony has followed up with the vertical wooden pillars lined up in synchrony.

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The house is designed for the nuclear family which depicts the use of modern architecture style. The use of simple straight lines is seen on the exterior of the building. The simple functional home has 3 floors. All three floors are designed specifically spacious.

The design of the house follows a geometrical pattern. The vertical lines are followed at the exterior wall of the ground floor. The cuboidal white structure is framing the exterior building envelope. The huge balconies are enveloped with the grey boundary that makes the house look appealing. They are designed with the purpose of chilling and hanging out in the evenings with family and friends. To avoid the rays of sunlight proper shading is given to thereby providing extruded cuboidal block at the one side of the house. and the minimalist furniture in the balcony saving space in the balcony. Following the decor lingo, an accent wall is introduced in the balcony that pleases the eyes. As the name suggests “Grey Connection,” the enveloped portion of the balcony is highlighted by grey color. The grey boundary of the balcony complements the white color of the entire house.

The windows of the house are purposely designed largely in size so that sunlight penetrates inside the rooms and the person sitting inside the rooms can enjoy the beautiful porch landscape. The large windows penetrate the maximum amount of sunlight inside the rooms and let the viewer enjoy the front porch landscape.

The Best Architecture in Gurgaon has made a unique and extraordinary design of houses by following the principles of Design.




Our new residential project located in Hyderabad “House of the ’80s.” is inspired by the architecture style followed during the ’80s. The victorian style of architecture is depicted in the designs. The beautiful house glorifies with the use of stone texture used on walls of the exterior of the building. The totally different or we can say unique house in the modern era is designed by the top Architecture Firm in Gurgaon.

The left and right side of the building is partitioned by the use of texture at the center of the house. It seems the house is divided into three equal sections. The main entrance of the house is designed to be short in height, one has to bend to enter into the house. At the corner of the boundary of the exterior wall small gate is introduced same as the classical era used to have. The horizontal cornices at the base of the terrace are designed beautifully following the synchrony in arrangement pattern. To complete the center portion of the exterior wall, the house entrance, and the balcony right above the house gate are placed. The balcony railing and terrace railing have a classical design. To give a modern touch to the house the vertical glass windows are arranged.

The beautiful white house compliment the stone texture that creates magic the one’s eyes.

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